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Our Company is Hong Kong sole agent of New Energy Technology Development Co. Ltd.  Specializing in a variety of residential and commercial air (heat pump) water heaters.


Our aim is to enable all families can enjoy a low-carbon and comfortable bath life style. Bring out you and your family true attitude toward life.

Air energy (heat pump) water heater is the world latest, most efficient, low power consumption, environmentally friendly and low-carbon water heater.


It is more environmentally friendly than conventional electricity, gas and solar water heaters.  We supply and install heat pump water heater which uses heat in the air and small quantity of electricity to produce hot water.  Even in the coldest days of winter, the heater can produce enough hot water for bath for the whole family.  We have a variety of water heater models offering different capacities of hot water ranging from 2 to more than 10 people.


Our low-carbon, environmentally friendly water heater has no toxic emissions of gas or water;

has excellent 4.0 coefficient of performance;

very high safety factor, there is no direct contact between the hot water and electricity;

large adequate volume of hot water capacity, can provide 24-hour hot water bath enough for the entire family even in rain or inclement cold weather.

Air (Heat Pump) Water Heater Advantages

1. Green Low-Carbon

Use environmentally-friendly refrigerants R134a, R410a, R407c.  Zero discharge of waste water, waste heat and toxic gases.

2. Energy Efficient, Elegant

Consumes only about 1/4 of the energy used by ordinary electric water heater, 1/5 of that of gas water heater each day.  Needs only to pay about 25% of your hot water electricity bill.  An ordinary 3 people household can save about 1,500Kwh annually.

3. High Performance Configuration

Titanium Stainless Steel Double Tanks

Corrugated fin Evaporator

Uses top Mitsubishi dedicated heat pump compressor; Large corrugated fin type evaporator; Titanium stainless steel double water tanks;  Titanium-Nickel alloy external heat exchanger tubes instead of copper tubes. Coefficient of performance (COP) of up to 4.2.  Expected life of equipment up to 15 years with low maintenance cost.

4. Safety

With built-in multiple protection features to immediately stop operating due to faults such as: abnormally high or low exhaust temperature; compressor overheating, electric current too high; refrigerant  pressure abnormal; water flow abnormal or temperature too high.  The controller will also display the warning code for easy identification of the reason and for easy repair.

The hot water tank is completely isolated from the main compressor unit. No electrical heating element in direct contact with water and the water quality is clean.

5. Wide Range of Applications

Different models and capacities to provide sufficient hot water to families, villas, club houses, barber shops, staff quarters, site offices, hotels, factories, schools, hospitals, swimming pools, laundries, etc

6. Large Capacity, Multi-point Supply 

Centrally supplying comfortable, large quantity of hot water with no temperature fluctuation 24 hours daily and simultaneously to kitchen, bath and toilets.  No need to wait for hot water, it is adequate for all family members to take a hot bath.

7. Energy and money saving

Hot water energy consumption typically accounts for about half of an average household’s total monthly energy consumption. Fuel type water heater has only about 75% of energy performance and that of ordinary electric water heater is about 95%.  But our air (heat pump) heater has an excellent performance of 400%. This is more than four times of the ordinary heaters. Therefore, it can reduce energy costs significantly.  For example an ordinary electric water heater will use 4.89Kwh to raise 100L of 15 ℃ water to 55 ℃.  But an air (heat pump) heater requires only about 1.22 Kwh.

8. Full Time Operation

Can perform well to provide adequate hot water 24-hours a day throughout the year in Hong Kong under all weather conditions; day, night, sunny, cloudy, rainy or even during hurricanes.

9. Smart LCD Controller

Intelligent controller enables fully automatic operation.  Set operating time and stop machine at preset water temperature.

10. Easy to Install

Installation is simple with no environment restrictions.  Compressor unit can be installed outdoors or indoors, such as roof, balcony or garden.  Indoor water tank can be installed in balcony with shelter or any other indoor areas.


Very suitable for installation in new building or newly renovated house. Existing house only requires connecting air (heat pump) water heater outlet to the existing outlet of the obsolete gas, LPG ​​or electric water heater.

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