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One Piece Compact Unit

One Piece Compact Unit.

(Built-in Compressor and water tank).


Can be installed on the roof house, covered terrace, kitchen or bathroom (areas with adequate ventilation).

Split Unit

Split Unit

(Compressor (main) unit and Water Tank are separated).


Compressor (main) unit can be installed outdoors or indoors with adequate ventilation, such as roof, balcony or garden.


 Indoor water tank can be installed in roof house, covered balcony or any other indoor areas.

Installation Fees


Note: The prices contained in the Compact and Split Units Tables are subject to the following installation fees:


Compact unit standard installation  $2,380

Split unit standard installation  $2,880


(Standard installation fee includes water filter, valves, thermal insulation on hot water pipes, refrigerant pipe for split units within 3 meters.   
The fees do not include modification or extension of existing house plumbing, electrical wiring and refrigerant pipe)

After-Sale Services

Our company provide high quality after-sale maintenance  service, including home service within 24 hours.


All products include 1-year free warranty period with home service maintenance.

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