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Profile of New Energy Technology Development Co. Ltd.

April 2003 - Singapore New Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd in operation and planned to enter into China.


New Energy Co., Ltd focus on air (heat pump) water heater production and innovation for more than a decade.  The company has a total of four dozen series, over a hundred models of heater products, and has obtained a large number of national patents.


The company always seek for product and technological innovation, and lead the development of the air (heat pump) industry.  The company has its own strong research and development teams, including New Energy (Singapore) New Energy Research Center, Singapore Nanyang Technological University Research Base, New Energy (China) Heat Pump Technology Research Center, and Guangdong University Research Base, etc.


The company pioneered the development of terrace and wall-mounted models, high 75 ℃ temperature household models, inverter heat pump water heaters and numerous other high-end models.  The whole production chain, from product design, raw material chemical analysis, mold design and fabricating, large stamping, sheet metal processing, water tanks fabricating, foaming, spraying, assembly are all independently completed in New Energy Company own factory. 


New Energy Company products main features:

1.  Multi tanks and multi heat exchanger application, reducing the probability of cold water mixing.

2.  High water temperature, high temperature sterilization. More redundant hot water configuration.

3.  Uses top Mitsubishi compressors, Mitsubishi only strategic partner in the industry.

4.  Stylish LED touch controller.  Heaters can easily integrated into the overall style of the family as a high-end home product.

New Energy Co. Ltd. Recently Achieved Milestones

Products under a number of stringent testing and certification







September 2013 - New Energy Co. Ltd. won the Germany “IFA Product Innovation Award” and became the world’s only air (heat pump) company to receive the award.







March 2013 - New Energy Co. Ltd. was awarded the 2012 Air (Heat Pump) Water Heater ‘Ten Leading Brand”







2012 - New Energy Co. Ltd. was an important member of the industry’s first energy standards (GB29541-2013) drafting committee.






August 2011 - New Energy Co., Ltd. won the 1-st Runner-up of the “Top Ten Air Energy Brand”


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